The Basic Principle of Erection Therapy

The basic principle of erection therapy is the enhancement of blood circulation. When blood circulates better in the penis it gets to the erectile tissue too and motivates it. Therefore the erection follows. Penis can have a larger size and it doesn’t matter whether it is erect or flaccid. According to the theory it can be like this in condition that the erectile tissue is encouraged to have a better volume of blood.

Don’t forget about the control over your muscles. A very important one is PC (Pubococcygeal) muscle, which is responsible for the control of urine flow and contractions during orgasm. It is possible to train this muscle and it will result in better erection. Two other muscles – the Bulbo Cavernous (BC) and Ischio Cavernous (IC) – are responsible for the thickness of the penis. These voluntary muscles wrap the shaft of the penis around, giving it the required thickness. These voluntary muscles control penis size and add strength and dimensions when constrained and pumped with blood. And it is possible to train these muscles as any muscle of such kind.

If you start exercising your organ regularly, not only will it help the muscles to get thicker but will also improve the blood flow to penis. The most important thing is to choose the right training program which will make your dreams come true and help you enjoy the most intimate moments of your life.

Are there any shortcomings of the therapy exercises? The answer is – “yes”. It is not as ideal as it can see. For example it won’t work when you suddenly want a fast erection. If you want to get a quick result, your choice might be given to erection oils that can reach the deepest tissue layers very quickly. Thus, you can get the desired result in about a minute.

Since the absorption goes directly to the sex organs, almost all the valuable elements are absorbed, as compared to approximately 10% with the erection pills.

Erection therapy oils are so effective and bring such great results that they are considered to be sexual products of the next generation. In spite of the fact that they are called oils, their main ingredient is water, not oil. When using this “oil” with a condom, make sure its formula is water-based, since the effectiveness of latex may be reduced, if the formula is oil-based.

The ingredients can be totally different but many of the products contain natural herbal remedies, amino acids, a number of vitamins and flavoring. Among the main elements in helping with your sexual supercharge is L-Argynine, an amino acid which transforms to nitric oxide, an essential source of orgasmic pleasure in males.

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Good Erection

Do you suffer from the loss of sexual power, sexual frustration, and problems with erection? If you wish to feel great security, you’d better pay your attention to such erection therapies, which will help to increase your self-confidence. Penile erection treatment is one of the initial actions you can take to enhance your lovemaking experience.

Most of people consider emails about penis exercises or male enhancement pills as a spam. However, nowadays there is a great amount of companies that can suggest good products which can help you get more satisfaction from your sexual life. Moreover, you will be much more confident in intimate relationship.

You can easily find male enhancement products if you do some research on the Internet. They are reasonably priced and effective if done regularly. They are for you if you want to enlarge your penis, become more confident and bring some novelty into your sexual life.

Good erection means more hardness, more rigidity, more thickness and it should last longer and no premature ejaculation.

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Natural Male Dysfunction Treatments

There are even more natural male dysfunction treatments that can help man get an erection. For example, oily fish – such as trout, mackerel, salmon, and fresh tuna – contain omega-3 fatty acids that make blood less thick thus enhancing its flow. Eat fish twice a week to maintain healthy arteries.

Pork is an abundant source of vitamin B1, which is vital for nervous system and which plays essential role in healthy sexual life as a natural male dysfunction treatment. Other sources of B1 are wholemeal bread and beans.

Your artery walls will be protected if you eat enough cherries. Colourful plant chemicals, anthocyanins – these elements are useful for artery walls, help to avoid fatty plaques, which can induce the risks of atherosclerosis and clogged arteries. If you don’t like cherries, set your eyes on berries. Or fruit with brightly coloured skin (for example peaches, plums or nectarines) will be also useful for your arteries.

Wine beverages – particularly dark wine – are a superb supply of the antioxidants, that work as natural male dysfunction treatments products by widening the blood vessels and improving the formation of nitric oxide. The latter make the blood vessels expand, and so Viagra works treating male dysfunction. But the pill only helps tiny blood vessels, and resveratrol works on your main arteries too. However, the person should not drink over 2 glasses of wine, otherwise the effect will be opposite.

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Natural Male Dysfunction Treatments

Though there are plenty of prescription and non-prescription drugs for male dysfunctions, natural pills inclusive, you should always start with natural male dysfunction treatments and healthy diet. Foods with zinc, fish oil, vitamin E, vegetables and fruits can assist you as you try to cope with male dysfunction. Choose the right products to regulate the amount of sugar, fat and sodium that can deteriorate your condition. Therefore when you decide to choose such dishes as potato and steak think about your sexual health and problems they may cause.

For example, caffeine increases your metabolism, improves the blood circulation and when it refers to all parts of the body your penis is also affected. This way you protect yourself from male erectile dysfunction.

Oysters are well known as sexy food and there is a reason for that. They contain zinc and vitamin B6 in big amount. They are very helpful for testosterone level which reduces risks of male dysfunction.

Boost your blood vessels with the help of chillies. Do you remember your face flushing after you ate a curry? Chillies make your face vessels expand and not only them. But what happens biologically? The liquid is driven more intensely in the blood vessels and they work like good pipes enhancing the work of the whole body. Your heart gets stronger and it improves the work of your penis.

Heart health depends of such mineral as potassium. Bananas contain enough potassium to keep your heart healthy. Potassium helps to normalize blood pressure and sodium levels, and the possibility to get male dysfunction decrease. In case you consume a lot of salt and do not get along with banana fruits, obtain your potassium from citrus fruits.

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Strong Erection

Strong erection is a dream of all men. But some men can’t have any erection. Actually, some people consider sex a chore as it does not bring enjoyment for them. The reason for it is inability to achieve the erection. But even if men have no erection problems they may always want to make it harder to get to higher sexual peaks with their partners.

A number of us might not be aware of it, yet there are in fact a few ways to obtain a harder erection. You could be amazed by knowing that these methods are quite simple and hassle-free to undertake.

The first thing you can do to get a harder erection is to make sure you eat the proper kinds of food. That means you should try to avoid fat, especially before a sexual encounter. Why? It is bad because large amount of fat in the body decreases levels of testosterone and libido. Also it can make getting an erection and ejaculation harder for the man.

Avoiding early ejaculation is also helpful for those who want to improve one’s erection. Another way of getting a firmer erection is choosing the man-on-top positions for sexual intercourse. Such a position stimulates the blood flow to the tip of the organ, thus making a firmer erection possible.

If you still smoke, you should really think about quitting this habit. Doctors say smoking is harmful not only for the blood vessels, but it also damages penile tissues. As a result, penis loses its elasticity and can’t stretch and grow easily.

Taking herbal male enhancement products, nevertheless, is a much better way to improve erectile capabilities. Such products are harmless for your health, but their effectiveness for man’s erection is widely known. The specialists have already proven that the results of such products intake are overwhelming. Not only good erection is a result of the penis pill work but it can make it thicker and increase its size. It also improves blood circulation in the penis.

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Penis Exericses or Erection Oils?

If you have problems with erection, if it is not so strong or you have some difficulties with its control then you need erection therapies that will give you self-confidence and will make your sexual life more interesting and rich. When you want to make your sexual life better the first thing you should pay attention to is erection therapy.

Today we often identify the programs of penis exercises and male enhancement as a spam, because we get a lot of e-mails of such kind and they irritate us. But in spite of this fact there are some companies which can really help men in fixing their sexual problems. It can be a real rescue for those who suffer unsatisfied and their partners as well.

The development of the Internet made penis enlargement exercises accessible for thousands of men. Now you can find lot’s of different methods, they are popular among the men who want to enlarge the size of the penis. And the popularity of these methods continues to grow, because it is not as expensive as other ways of solving this problem, but effective enough.

The main point in erection therapy is making blood circulation in your organ better and increasing its amount in the erectile tissue. It is not a secret that the flow of blood to your organ causes erection. Thus, any dysfunction in blood flow leads to weaker erections. Theoretically, the erectile tissue acquires the ability to hold more blood inside. And this factor will naturally affect the size of penis either it is erected or not.

Another way to keep your erections under control is to train your Pubococcygeal muscle (or PC muscle). When properly trained, this muscle is ready to keep maintain a good erection. Two other muscles – the Bulbo Cavernous (BC) and Ischio Cavernous (IC) – are responsible for the thickness of the penis. These voluntary muscles wrap the shaft of the penis around, giving it the required thickness. They add thickness and rigidity to the shaft when they are contracted and pumped. You can train these two muscles as the other voluntary muscles and through the exercises improve their strength and size.

A good program will help you to work out the routines that will both train the muscle and enlarge the volume of blood held within the penile tissue. The result is a more satisfying sex life. It’s really worth the effort and time spent on finding a good program.

Many people want to know whether erection therapy exercises have some pitfalls or not. There is almost no product without it. If you want to get an erection quickly, erection therapy will not help. Thankfully, there are additional penile erection techniques. This includes erection oils, created to pass through the deepest layers of your testicles and penis tissues and provide visible effects just in a minute.

When you apply erection oil to skin, it is absorbed very well and about 95% of curative ingredients reach genitals. Compare it to an herbal capsule or tablet you consume when only about 10% of beneficial ingredients are taken in.

Erection oils are a truly revolutionizing product from the point of view of their effectiveness and safety. And though they are usually called “oils”, in fact, most of these sexual therapy products are water-based. While choosing suitable “oil” pay attention to its components, especially if you are planning to use it with condoms. Water-based formula is preferred with condoms as oil based therapy can lower the efficacy of latex.

The ingredients – natural herbal remedies, amino acids, vitamins, and flavoring – may vary to different degree as per manufacturer. L-Argynine is the essential component that enters the product and is aimed at sexual boost. L-Argynine is an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide – the basic construction block, which helps to achieve orgasm.

Excellent result is achieved when penile rigidity and stable erection is obtained, while pre-mature ejaculation is removed.

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Male Enhancement Pills

A man who takes enhancement pills will gain back some of his sexual self-esteem because his worries about his performance will be gone. Very useful information – you’ll suffer no after-effects after taking these pills. Now you have a possibility to achieve your goal without taking risks. This kind of treatment will not hurt you.

But doctor’s advice is obligatory before taking any pills. This also includes male enhancement pills as a method for achieving a harder erection. Don’t forget: not all the methods are equally effective. Actually, some of them give no guarantees at all. The most important thing is to find really safe male enhancement pills. Remember that some pills, though herbal, might have dangerous ingredients.

The composition of male enhancement pills should include most widely used and productive herbal components for improving levels of testosterone, sexual desire, and increasing penis size, but mustn’t include the components such as Yohimbine. Yohimbe is advertised as a sexual booster and it can really work, but it is rather dangerous when overused. Blood pressure increase and cardiac distress can be the result of the excessive intake.

The worst possible situation is when a person experiences certain harmful or dangerous healthy problems due to his chosen way of reinvigorating his penile erection. Obviously, a person’s overall health must be number one priority regardless of how determined an individual could be about “How to get an erection?” question.

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Foods For Erection Problems

Certain foods are very important for our libido. Therefore when you consider ordering a hamburger and French fries, think about your sexual difficulties and complications for down the road. But some food can make a positive effect too: better erection or stamina, increased desire. Even the smell of food influences sexual mood. Special food can treat definite erection problems or even illnesses.


Red wine contains a lot of antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol. It
opens arteries and enhances the production of nitric oxide. The effect
of Viagra is much the same as that of nitric oxide: they both expand
blood vessels as a way of removing erection problems. The only
difference is in the scale of their effect: resveratrol helps main
arteries while the little blue pill of Viagra effects only tiny blood
vessels. But don’t misunderstand this advice! One or two glasses of wine
is quite enough.


This famous seafood has a very sexy reputation. Oysters have two elements that are vital for testosterone: vitamin B6 and the mineral zinc. The lack of these elements in your body in some cases can be a reason of erection problems.


Warm up your sexual life. Blood is flowing faster after spicy food and bright blood vessels are the effect of it, but it is not the only obvious result. Speaking in a scientific parlance, an erection is pure hydraulics case – more fluid (your blood) being pushed into tiny pipes (capillaries) in your male organ – therefore in order to prevent impotence problems you should have a good-working heart and healthy, un-clogged arteries.


Bananas are also good for hearts. Potassium which they contain is good for health in many ways. It helps to keep an eye on blood circulation, reduce erection problems while keeping sodium level at a normal point. Those that don’t like bananas and eat too much salt can get potassium from another tropical fruit – orange, as well as from jacket potatoes that have the mineral in the skin.


Enhanced blood flow, increased metabolism, pumping blood – all this,
derived from the caffeine of your favorite Java can help you
successfully beat your erection problems.


It is necessary to take the omega-3 fatty acids for the person. This type of acids is contained in oily fish. It will contribute to the blood circulation too because the blood becomes not so sticky thanks to it. It also does not let erection problems develop in your organism. One should consume the following fish: salmon, trout, mackerel, fresh tuna. Eat fish two times per week for healthiness of your arteries.


In spite of its smell it can help you in intimate relationships. They
contain the phytochemical allicin which helps treat erection problems by
boosting circulation of blood and thinning blood itself. Just take care
of your breath with the help of chewing gum.


Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, chemicals that can be found in red, purple or blue fruit. Anthocyanins are vital for your artery walls as they prevent clogged arteries or the fatty plaques, which may lead to atherosclerosis. You can get the same effect from bright fruits like peaches and plums if you’re not a fan of cherries.


You require vitamin B1 for a balanced central nervous system, so consume
pork to produce more semen. You may also obtain B1 from black beans and
whole wheat bread.

Keep in mind that prescription drugs and safe herbal pills sometimes can be useless without proper nutrition. You need to make sure you eat foods for erection problems containing enough zinc, vitamin E, fish oil and, of course, different fruits and vegetables. And if you don’t want to make your erectile dysfunction worse, you should avoid products that have a lot of fat, sugar and sodium.

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Ways to Get a Solid Erection

A lot of men wish to get a solid erection. But not all of them can achieve this goal. Actually, some men are afraid or reluctant to have sex because of the problems with erection. They may even try to avoid sexual intercourse as they do not feel confident. Even those men who get erection want to get it even harder, since solid erection will bring more satisfaction to their sexual partners and their sexual relationships in general.

There are some men who may not know that there are several ways to get a solid erection. And some of these methods are surprisingly simple and can be easily executed.

Healthy diet is one these ways of getting solid erection. Fats should be avoided, particularly prior to having a sexual intercourse. Why? It is bad because large amount of fat in the body decreases levels of testosterone and libido. Also it can make getting an erection and ejaculation harder for the man.

Avoiding immediate ejaculation is also helpful for those who want to improve one’s erection. Another step in the direction of a solid erection is in sexual positions. In usual position with a man on top blood will flow easier to the top of penis resulting in solid erection.

Smoking is another harmful thing for a solid erection. It is bad for blood vessels and penis’s tissues. The penis’s skin becomes less elastic.

Nevertheless, a much better method of enhancing a person’s hard-ons is by using herbal penis pills. Many researches prove that the intake of natural penis pills really makes sexual performance better. Solid erection is not the only positive effect of herbal pills. Men who take them can also have a thicker and bigger penis. Besides, these penis supplements can positively influence a blood circulation of the whole body.

Herbal pills give a man assurance in bed, during his sexual intercourse with a woman he can be sure about his man’s abilities. It is another pleasant bonus of these supplements. In addition, high-quality herbal pills are absolutely safe. The side-effects are reduced to minimum. The person can have no doubts that pills are good for his health. These pills are one of the best ways to get a solid erection.

At the same time it is essential to pay attention to the recommendation of your doctor in pursue of solid erection. The definite method must be at the center of your attention because not all of them guarantee the perfect result. Please choose herbal pills that are safe for your organism as some of them are not in spite of the fact that they are herbal.

Special attention should be paid to the variety of herbs these pills contain: there should be no Yohimbe ingredient there, but only traditional herbs that increase the level of testosterone and enhance libido. Yohimbe is advertised as a libido booster but may be harmful if employed in increased doses. Its unfavorable negative effects involve hypertension and cardiac arrest.

Thus, you have to think about your overall health before making a decision which method to choose. You do not want to deteriorate your health. On the other hand, you are eager to improve your erection. Do your homework, make a research and make the right choice suitable only for you.

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Better Erections

If you need to get better erections, do not smoke. It is bad for blood vessels and brings harm to penis work because its tissues are losing elasticity. Try exercises, they are amazing. The results can be perfect: better erections, healthy body, and no diseases that are the result of being overweight. You can also lose your male power due to the diabetes.

Another point that is widely discussed is referred to the erection enhancement oils. They will not only contribute to male health, but will improve the performance of the person.

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